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Similac Sensitive Infant Formula with Iron, Powder, 1.86 lb

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  • Similac Sensitive Infant Formula is a milk-based formula for your baby's first year that is specially designed for fussiness and gas due to lactose sensitivity
  • NUTRIENTS: Features OptiGRO, our exclusive blend of DHA, Lutein and Vitamin E, special nutrients found in breast milk that are important for helping support baby's brain and eye development
  • TRUSTED: Similac is the #1 infant formula brand chosen by moms* and the #1 brand fed in hospitals (*total US infant formula all outlets as of 12/31/16, Nielsen data)

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I tried the Similac Sensitive Infant Formula with Iron, Powder, 1.86 lb and why you need one too.

By our senior writer: Kátia Costa

I've been wanting to write this piece for a long time. And now I finally get to write the in-depth review of the Similac Sensitive Infant Formula with! I, Kátia Costa, am used to write about baby products, because I have done so for years. You have hopefully seen my articles about the Stove Guard by Prince Lionheart and the Worx Cordless HydroShot Power Nozzle, 20V Li-ion (2.0Ah), 5hr Charger, 320PSI, .53GPM by Luvion. I also did a big piece on the Two Young Men Skiing Untracked Powder In Figure 8s Bugaboo Glacier Provincial Park British Columbia Canada PosterPrint. So you might say I have the know-how to be writing about baby products. So naturally I was very happy when I got this product in the mail!


Since 2012 I've been watching The First Years1 so I am really excited that I am finally able to try the Similac Sensitive Infant Formula with and writing this review for you guys. While searching for the best deal on this product I stumbled across this offer on Walmart (You can buy it here.) and I immediately jumped on the opportunity. So I got my creditcard out and placed my order. With the standard same day delivery and free shipping it really is a bargain compared to the competitor brands and retailers. Later that day when my Similac Sensitive Infant Formula with was delivered I opened it and was overjoyed with what I saw. I might sound a bit biassed being a longtime The First Years customer but this product really steps it up quite a bit, which is immediately noticeable when opening the package. Now that I've been testing it for a couple of days now I feel like I know enough about the Similac Sensitive Infant Formula with to write this review. So keep reading and I will show you why I am so enthusiastic about my brand new Similac Sensitive Infant Formula with.

Best Similac Sensitive Infant Formula with Iron, Powder, 1.86 lb deal


I always start my reviews about baby products with a summary, then a clear list of the pros and cons after which I'll give my rating and conclusion. So as you may have understood from the intro, I am blown away by the Similac Sensitive Infant Formula with. The First Years has really outdone itself on this one. The quality is great, and frankly; it just looks awesome. I know aesthetics aren't everything with baby products, but it just needs to be said. Of course the price I got at Walmart was and is unbeatable so make sure to check them out when you decide to buy one yourself. As I have tried many alternatives before, I really got to say they are no match for the Similac Sensitive Infant Formula with. Just the functionalities alone beats all competitors and the durability also seems to be top notch. The customer service of The First Years2 is famous for being really generous so if you ever run in to any kind of problem with their products they're always really lenient with finding a solution. Long story short; not much negative to say about the Similac Sensitive Infant Formula with Iron, Powder, 1.86 lb really. Make sure to read to the end tho because you might be in for a small surprise!


This pros list of the Similac Sensitive Infant Formula with could be much longer, and is way longer than the conslist, but the description3 this site has will probably already say it all. Here is just a little piece: "

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Other Reviews


Best formula for my baby!

We went through 4 different formulas not including Gerber Gentle before my son was 6 weeks old and none of them worked for him. Earth's Best Organic regular and sensitive severely constipated him, Enfamil Gentlease made him spit up large amounts after every feeding when we burped him, and Similac Sensitive did the same plus upset his tummy. I received a small can of Gerber Gentle as a sample in the mail and I thought what do we have to lose, it will either work for him or it won't so we tried it and within 48 hours we saw a complete change. He wasn't constipated, he wasn't spitting up when he burped hardly at all and no more upset tummy. He has been on this formula for over a month and it works great for him! Every baby's digestive system is different but I would highly recommend this formula if your baby is having similar issues that my baby was having.


My oldest two were put on Gerber gentle from day one and never had any issues. My youngest three were breastfed for the first three months of their lives and then were switched to Gerber gentle start and had no issues with the formula. At the same time not all children are the same. My nephews and nieces were either on Gerber gentle or had to have similar it just depends on what a child's body can handle. I feel that if there was something to happen when you open the container to contact the company right away about it and take pictures. But i do highly recommend buying the big container because it is easier to carry when on the go and can fit two small cans into it.


Great baby formula!

My little girl and I both love this formula! When she was born, the hospital started her on Enfamil which did not agree with her tummy. She was very gassy, fussy and nearly impossible to burp, not to mention the formula itself smelled AWFUL! I've been using Gerber Good Start Gentle since the first week she was home (she is now a month old). The formula is very easy to mix up and it mixes well, it doesn't have a horrible smell, and it agrees with her tummy so much better. She has regular dirty diapers, soft stools, less fussiness, and is much easier to burp now! WalMart has the best pricing on the Gerber formula, and it's even better when you can find coupons for it.


Great formula, great price

We tried 3 different formulas before switching to Gerber. I wish I had done it sooner. Baby was very gassy, fussy, and constipated on others. This one has made stools softer, easier to pass, and less gassy. The stools are very smelly, but I can deal with that since the baby passes them easily and daily. If you can find a coupon, this is really a great deal!


Formula for my grand daughter.

The baby's mother was running out of the formula. She called me while she was at her parents home. I went online and found the formula she uses and ordered it for pick-up. I received an email stating it was ready for pick-up. Called my son's girlfriend and told her the pick-up number and for her to go get the paid (2) items. Thank you Walmart for being there for me.